Why code

Why Code?

We inspire children to learn essential skills for the future by introducing coding and the underlaying algorithmics, logics and mechanisms. Our mission is to help you and your child to learn essential skills for the future. But how do we know…

Everybody Can Learn Coding

What We Do

Code School Finland is the leading private company in Finland to teach programming to both children and adults. We started running programming classes for kids back in 2014. Our course contents have been approved by the…

Little Robot

Adventures of Bobo the Robot

Join Adventures of Bobo the Robot to learn mathematics, topics in sustainability, language grammar, algorithmic thinking  and much more via a social learning experience! We turn addiction into learning. We provide an effective weapon to win the fight over the constant content…

Testimonial 6

”Everything has been fun!”

Lauri, 9 years: “I have learned to use Scratch and the basics of coding. Everything has been fun and nothing has been boring. I have liked coding with Scratch the most.”