AI Basics (4 x half-day)

This camp is about figuring out how Artificial Intelligence works by designing and implementing an own intelligent application.

Duration: 4 x half-days (for example, Mon-Thu 9-12 am daily)
Age group: 10+ years
Level: beginner
Price: 399 € / person
Price includes: teaching, materials, premises, computers, software and robotics devices for the duration of the workshop
Price excludes: accommodation, translator, transport, evening program, food and beverages

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. We all use intelligent systems every day – such as spam filters, recommendation engines, language translation services, chatbots and digital assistants, search engines, and fraud detection systems. It will soon be normal for intelligent systems to drive our cars or robot labor to do all the work in factories. It’s important that kids are aware of how our world works. The best way to understand the capabilities and implications is to be able to build with this technology for themselves.

Each participant  will have plenty of exposure and possibilities for learning not only the core concepts of AI systems, but also programming and robotics. Coding can take place using visual programming such as Scratch or Python for more experienced students.  While working on AI projects, participants will also practice skills for co-operation, team-work, presentation and using English language.

This camp is for international student groups on grades 4-12 (ages 10+) on their own or together with their teachers. No previous experience on coding or robotics is required – however this camp offers new ideas, technologies and learning also for those who wish to deepen their skills.

What will the participants learn and experience during this camp?

1. Understand principles of automation and embedded systems

2. Learn and understand elements and structure of all intelligent systems

3. Understanding machine learning models

4. Practice programming of BBC micro:bit device

5. Create practical implementations for automatic measuring devices

6. Design and code an intelligent application in small teams

7. Train the app to learn using a selected machine learning model

Camp Description

Participants will study different concepts and principles of intelligent systems using real-life examples meaningful to the participant age. Participants will test different machine learning algorithms and finally design and implement an intelligent system that will utilize machine learning.

As the technical platforms for implementing the intelligent app we will select suitable tools for participant age: BBC micro:bit, Scratch, Python, physical play or crafts materials such as cardboard. Camp pricing includes all technical equipment, hardware and software to be used during the camp.

Camp schedule: daily 9-12 or 13-16
Language: Teaching in English with optional translation to Japanese/Chinese/Korean
Minimum group size: 10 students
Maximum group size: 30 students
Terms&Conditions: Price is a group rate. Reservation fee 500€ payable upon schedule confirmation. Reservation fee is non-refundable. Date changes permitted.

For reservations, please contact us at or make a booking in our webshop.

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