Code School Finland supports China’s Ministry of Education in launching AI curriculum for basic education


Ministry of Education of China is putting AI Education in primary schools onto the agenda. Different organizations within MoE are looking to launch curriculum related to AI education service children starting in primary school grades 1-6.

Code School Finland has published an AI curriculum for basic education, that emphasizes transversal competences (skills and attitude) as part of everyday education in schools. Transversal competence areas are based on the theory for 21st century skills and multi-disciplinary project-based learning. AI Curriculum is built to be implemented as multidisciplinary projects that have a real-life phenomenon-based themes. Every project not only improves students’ knowledge/subject skills on programming, robotics and AI, but also promotes their transversal competences as part of everyday learning. Every project is carefully designed to to match the students’ age and stage in development.

Code School Finland’s Kaisu and Sirkku were invited by MoE to a seminar round 3 cities in China. The participating citires were Dalian (Liaoning Province), Suzhou ( Jiangsu Province) and Shenzhen (Guangdong Province). During the seminar, we gave keynotes on teaching STEM and AI using project-based approach; lept demo classes for students and trained local teachers. During the seminar tour, there was also plenty of exposure for discussing with and experiencing some great STEM projects local students had made.