Robotics Escape Room (4 days)

Automation and plenty of practical robotics implementation

This camp offers a practical hands-on implementation project for understanding the principles of automation, robotics and coding. Even if you have never coded before, you will implement a functional robot! Participants will get many possibilities for adopting new thinking skills and for interacting with Finnish co-students.

Duration: 4 full days
Age group: 13+ years
Level: beginner-intermediate
Price: 699 € / person
Price includes: teaching, materials, premises, computers, software and robotics devices for the duration of the workshop, translator
Price excludes: accommodation, transport, evening program, food and beverages

This camp is for international student groups on grades 7-12 (ages 13+) on their own or together with their teachers. No previous experience on coding or robotics is required – however this camp offers new ideas, technologies and learning also for those who wish to deepen their skills.

What will the participants learn and experience during this camp?

1. Robotics, coding and electronics
2. Sustainable Finnish pedagogy
3. Learning contents derived from the Finnish national core curriculum
4. Gamified learning
5. Teamwork and developing social relations
6. Forming international relationships
7. A peek into Finnish culture and entrepreneurship
8. Can-do attitude and courage to lead own life
9. Chance to practice spoken English
10. Change to practice public presentation

Camp Description

Participants will learn to code, understand automation and practice electronics to implement a sensor activated robotic puzzle.  During the camp, robots are combined to form a playable Escape Room game. Participant teams compete to win prizes and to solve the Escape Room game.

As the technical platforms we can serve several options including BBC micro:bit and Lego EV3 Mindstorm robots. Camp includes all technical equipment, hardware and software.

Participants are divided into teams of 3-4 students and each team is allocated a Finnish co-student to lead and support the team during the Camp. Each team will design and implement its own robotics puzzle – a challenge that others will try to solve. The puzzle will utilize censor technology to detect characteristics and changes in its environment; input mechanisms such as keypad or potentiometer, and output such as led display or sounds. While designing, coding and building the puzzle, each team member will have plenty of exposure and possibilities for learning co-operation, coding, English, robotics and get to know Finnish co-students and their lives.

Camp schedule: daily 9-17
Language: Teaching in English with translation to Japanese/Chinese/Korean
Minimum group size: 20 students
Maximum group size: 120 students
Finnish co-student ratio: 1 per 4 students
Terms&Conditions: Price is a group rate. Reservation fee 50% payable upon schedule confirmation. Reservation fee is non-refundable. Date changes permitted.

For reservations, please contact us at or make a booking in our webshop.

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Have a look what camp participants from Japanese Ritsumeikan High School experienced in Oulu March 2019 (video below)