Code School Finland awarded for Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product

Visit Finland organized an “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” contest during the summer months and the top products have now been selected among 26 participants. The selection was made by a jury consisting of experts from Visit Finland and Finnish National Agency for Education. The products were evaluated based on their attractiveness, authenticity, uniqueness, adaptability and educational content. Extra points were given for sustainability, visibility in digital channels and extending the travel season.

In the first category, “school camps for children and adolescents” the first prize went to Code School Finland as their product is a good example of teaching “future skills” in a fun way. “Code is a global language. Code School Finland’s mission is to help every child in the world to learn essential skills for the future. Our coding and robotics education focuses on creativity, innovation and learning-to-learn skills. The 1st prize in the Top Educational Product Competition opens up the possibility for more and more children to benefit from learning these 21st century skills the Finnish way.” Kaisu Pallaskallio, Code School Finland.

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Code School Finland 

Our mission is to help all children in the world to learn skills for the future by providing quality digital learning solutions. We have developed and tested our educational materials inin Finnish schools in co-operation with teachers and educational developers. Our curriculum meets the objectives of the Finnish national curriculum. 

We train teachers for programming and robotics and help in deployment of our teaching materials in basic education or for after-school education. 

We run children’s code clubs and camps for both Finnish children and international student groups. 

More information Kaisu Pallaskallio, CEO tel. +358 44 355 7355,