Workshops & camps for teachers

Learn to teach coding and robotics according to Finland/UK curricula for primary education. Focus is in supporting the development of computational thinking and integration into subject matters.

Specialist lecture: Supporting students digital competence for programming in K-9 education

How is programming implemented in the Finnish national curriculum and how are schools handling it.

Duration: 2 hours
Target group: Teachers, education developers and authorities
Price: 299 € / lecture

Intro into teaching coding and robotics

Basics for computational thinking, unplugged and block coding.

Duration: 1 day
Target group: primary school teachers
Level: beginner
Price: 149 € / person

Teaching Coding and / or Robotics

Contents and duration are tailored according to the group’s objectives.

Lower grades 1-6:
Introduction to computational thinking
Transition to textual programming

Upper grades 7-9:
Visual programming environments
Robotics devices for primary education

Duration: 2-10 days
Target group: primary school teachers
Level: beginner-intermediate
Price: from 299-990 € / person

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