Coding and Robotics workshops

Get to know what coding is all about. Be inspired and loose your fear of the unknown. A fun learning experience for all ages!

Our approach
– We tailor the workshop contents to age, experience, student interest and duration of the workshop.
– We aim to respond to the learning needs of each individual participant.
– We enable students to execute tasks independently and in pairs.
– Participants learn by experimenting
– Participants get to work on age-appropriate, motivating hands-on projects.

– Workshop program is tailored to suit the schedule of the visitor group. Some groups come to us for just an hour of fun coding intro; others stay for a week. The most typical workshop lasts for 3-4 hours.

– We host workshops in our premises at Oulu Game Campus or in Helsinki (in Töölö or Kruunuhaka)
– We can also send our Code Teacher to meet you group elsewhere in Finland

– Recommended age 6+ years and older
– No previous coding experience is required
– If some participants are more advanced, we will provide them with differentiated exercises
– Workshops can be hosted in Finnish, Swedish or English. You can bring your own interpreter or we can provide one for Chinese, Japanese and Korean groups
– Participants can bring their own laptops or we can provide all required hardware and software

Workshop agenda
– We leverage ready-made learning modules for coding and robotics
– Each module takes ~2-3 hours
– Modules are combined to suit your group agenda and scheduling
– Each module can be implemented for different age groups

Code Class (1h) starting from 149€ / group
Afternoon workshop (3-4 hours) from 69€ / participant

Request details of the learning module contents: