Digital materials for programming

Leverage expertise and pedagogy from Finland. Our digital materials allow educators to include coding and robotics into curriculum fast and efficiently.

Our digital material library for primary education contains inspiring hands-on implementation projects that can be used both for primary education (K-9) grades as well as extra-curricular activities such as code clubs and camps. The material supports Finnish national curriculum objectives for programming and algorithmic thinking. The curriculum treats coding and ICT skills as transversal competences and our material has been developed to support that view. Our materials combine coding with other subjects such as arts, chemistry and product development. Read more about the way coding is included in the Finnish curriculum.

It is accessible online, updates regularly and offers detailed lesson plans, teacher materials, exercises in 3rd party (free) programming environments, supports different learning paths and continuous assessment of the learning process.

Our material is approved by the Finnish Agency for Education to support – and in many aspects to exceed – the objectives set in the Finnish national core curriculum for programming and algorithmic thinking.

Materials for primary education

For each grade, the material provices a practical project that is integrated with subject studies and can be used for phenomenon-based learning.

Materials for extra-curricular activities



Access to the digital teaching materials can be obtained by purchasing a license. We offer individual teacher licenses starting at 99€/year and group licenses starting at 290€/course/year.

Accessing materials

1. Purchase a license (contact us)
2. You will receive a login and instructions how to access the material in an 24/7 web service.
3. You can start utilizing the material independently or you can purchase one of our training packages to support you

High educational quality aspects

An independent 3rd party evaluator Kokoa Standard has measured the learning impact of our digital materials and are stating the following.

”Code School Finland provides comprehensive materials to practice programming. Materials give a good foundation for learning more, so they motivate the students to explore further. The multidisciplinary courses are interesting and allow looking at the project from different angles. The projects combine innovatively different subjects from arts to society studies and chemistry. Materials activate students and provide open-ended projects that require creative thinking.”