Our Story

We at Code School Finland share a mission: we wish to  support all the children in the world to learn essential skills for the future.

Our founder Jani is an engineer with a background at Nokia. He’s got a lot of kids with a lot of friends so he started running code clubs for them already back in 2014. Eventually he studied to become a qualified teacher too. Teaching was very inspiring and offered meaningful balance for a serial entrepreneur.

Our CEO Kaisu is a veteran from IT industry. Kaisu started her career as a programmer and experienced in leading large development and IT services teams. With 3 primary-school aged daughters, Kaisu was playing close attention to schools when Finland included coding in the national curriculum. Unfortunately she quickly realized that the schools got no practical support to achieve the objectives of the curriculum: no unified learning materials for coding existed and no adequate training was being offered.

And that’s how the dream started.

Today Code School Finland employs 4 full-time pedagogical experts, programmers and teacher trainers as well as a group of qualified part-time trainers who still run code clubs but also train primary school teachers and develop our learning materials. We’ve been lucky to get Sirkku, Jussi, Outi, Juhani and Juuso in the core team. We’re located in Helsinki and in Oulu, but we travel across Finland for our customers. Many trainings are now hold on-line so we can reach more and more teachers.

The company is owned by members of the core team.

In the future we want to continue investing the the quality of Finnish education and to spread this sustainable pedagogical know-how globally. We will be training teachers in China, Japan and Europe soon!