Our teaching philosophy

The Finnish Code School clubs and training are designed to respond to the needs of each individual participant. Our goal is to enable our students to execute tasks independently and by experimenting. This goal is best achieved through age-appropriate, motivating hands-on projects and exercises that support algorithmic thinking and the use of different devices and programming environments.

Our teaching methods and materials combine different approaches. Teacher-led, student-oriented and experimental work combine meaningfully. Our teaching materials support the objectives of the Finnish national core curriculum for primary education.

High educational quality

We have aqcuired a global educational quality certificate for the library and our teaching approach by Kokoa . According to Kokoa Standard evaluation, Code School Finland represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently. The high-quality aspects that Kokoa raised for our product are:

1. Code School Finland provides comprehensive materials to practice programming. Materials give a good foundation for learning more, so they motivate the students to explore further.

2. The multidisciplinary courses are interesting and allow looking at the project from different angles. The projects combine innovatively different subjects from arts to society studies and chemistry.

3. Materials activate students and provide open-ended projects that require creative thinking

In addition to evaluating the pedagogical quality and user experience Kokoa evaluated our material against 3 leading national curricula for programming; namely the Finnish national core curriculum, the UK national curriculum and the CSTA K-12 curriculum of USA. We’re proud that our material fulfills and partly exceeds the objectives set by these curricula.