Why and how should coding be part of our curriculum?
What’s the best way to support our teachers for coding skills?
How to assess learning and how to provide personal learning paths?
How to teach coding on different grades?
How to inspire student interest?


Online material
Digital material is always up to date and available. You will gain access to self-learning materials and pre-work prior to training.

How do you support learning to code? What should you take into account? What kind of practical arrangements shall you make? Whether our training is provided online or onsite, it will get you started using LMaaS (Learning Material as a Service) effectively.

No need to figure it all out by yourself! Classroom Direct model brings coding into your classroom. We help, give practical advice and share ideas. This experience will enable you to continue teaching effectively with LMaaS.

You can formalize your skills by getting certified in LMaaS. As a certified trainer and teacher you are entitled to use LMaaS in teaching and even train others to be trainers, spreading the high-quality coding teaching skills cost-effectively.

Learning Material as a Service (LMaaS)
A material library that contains everything for teaching programming according to Finnish national curriculum. LMaaS offers you both primary education and extra-curricular content for camps and courses.
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