What is AI about?

The most innovative learning event of the year is getting closer and we at Code School Finland are working day in day out to get everything ready in time.

We don’t mind the hard work though, since we are passionate about it. Our workshop focuses on one of the most interesting subjects right now, namely artificial intelligence. The world is buzzing about AI. It is said to revolutionise our world. Everybody keeps talking about it but only few know what it is about. Even fewer know how it is created. You want to be among the few? Come visit us in our workshop!

Since D2L focuses on learning our approach to AI does that too.
In our workshop you can teach an AI program yourself and take a peek inside it to see how it organizes it’s intelligence. This is the Code School Finland’s learner-centric approach that you can experience yourself. In our workshop you can also develop your own AI assistant – only for those who dare!

Dare to come and visit us at Dare to Learn learning and rethinking festival in September 18-19th in Helsinki!

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“Magic happens when big ideas and different perspectives come together.”