Sample Camp Itineraries

1 day intensive (7h) for age group 9-12 years

Introduction to game programming in a 3D environment
A subject matter expert teacher and tutors guide the students throughout the day. Learning takes place in 3-4 person teams.

2h intro to algorithmic thinking, practical exercises in a visual programming environment
2h lunch and outdoor games
2h hands-on project work; creation of own game
1h finish the projects and prepare presentation/demo of the work

3 day intensive (20h) for age group 13-16 years

Robotics and Internet of Things
Students get an introduction to tools needed to build and program robots with sensors and actuators. The robots are connected to Internet to enable various service scenarios. Hands-on implementation project: metal detector or pedometer

Day 1: 9-15
Introductions and schedule
Topics and briefing for practical exercise
Company/showroom visit
Environment intro and coding exercises

Day 2: 9-15
Hands-on project work
Coaching visits by local professionals

Day 3: 9-14 + 18-21
Wrap up & finish projects
Presentation/demo of the work
Prize and ending ceremonies