micro:bit robotics workshop

micro:bit is a small programmable computer and an innovative educational tool for teaching programming, robotics and automation. It is designed to be fun and easy to use. It can be coded with no prior knowledge computing. Being so easy to use it is an excellent spring board to more complex programming skills. After learning the basics you can program it with various programming languages such as Python and JavaScript. It also connects to other devices, sensors, kits and objects. There is no upper limit in the variety of micro:bit-projects!

micro:bit robotics workshop (1 day)

Morning session (08:30-11:30)
– Coffee and introductions
– Programming intro / recap
– Key features of micro:bit
– Programming environments
– Short programming exercises

Censor usage, random generator, looping, conditional statements, variables, math, music
flashing the code, debugging, connecting accessories

Afternoon session (13:00-16:00)
Implementation of robotics projects in pairs or teams.
Students can pick a project or create their own!
micro:pet (beginner)
2) micro:temperature gauge (moderate)
3) micro:monster (moderate) – light activated milk cartoon robot that moves its jaws
4) micro:bit selfie remote (advanced)
Presentation of projects & closure

micro:bit robotics workshop
Tuition and trainer support during the day.
micro:bit devices, parts, selection of handicraft materials and tools to use for the implementation projects.

micro:bit take-away robotics kit
Take your project home!
Take-away kit will enable creation of many different robotics projects back home.

1 x micro:bit device
1 x battery holders
2 x AAA batteries
1 x USB cable
1 x micro servo motor
2 x alligator clips

Download brochure here