Why code

Why Code?

We inspire children to learn essential skills for the future by introducing coding and the underlaying algorithmics, logics and mechanisms.

Our mission is to help you and your child to learn essential skills for the future. But how do we know what will be essential in the future? We don’t know what line of studies your child will choose and we don’t know what kind of jobs there will be for any of us in the coming decades.

What we do know is that no matter what the future brings, we will need skills such as abstraction, problem solving, design thinking, how to find and apply knowledge or entrepreneurial skills.

There are many great reasons to practice coding at any point in your life!

Mastering the digital world

In today’s digital society it is important to understand how computers and software are built, how they work and what they can be used for. To understand the basic principles of programming helps us to perceive and to control the world better.

Developing our mindset

Programming develops skills that are not directly taught in any other subject but that support us in all other learning and problem solving. The skills include breaking down problems, abstraction and giving unambiguous commands. Programming develops our reasoning and logical thinking. Learning programmatic thinking builds a solid foundation for all other learning.

Expressing ourselves

We express ourselves via music, arts, writing or handcrafts. Programming can support and be part of all of these as well as open up new possibilities for self-expression. Kids love to make their own digital stories, decide how the actors behave and what they do!

Inspiring and fun

Coding is a hobby that connects you with like-minded people. Furthermore, it also provides a meaningful joint hobby for parents and children to share!

In today’s world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside reading and maths.

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