Micro:bit Robotics Guitar

Code School Finland is Going to Robosteam!

Robosteam is an international Artificial Intelligence and Robotics event which is organized in Helsinki, Finland from October 10th to 12th 2017 as a part of Teknologia17 Expo. Teknologia17 gathers over 15 000 visitors to Helsinki Messukeskus Fair Centre.

The event gathers experts focused on the future of robotics and AI in healthcare, education and industry. This is the reason we are there also.  We are bringing our little robot bits with us, that is the BBC micro:bits. Their value in education has been recognized world wide. For example in UK  every year over million school kids get their own micro:bit in order to learn programming with it.

Robosteam Seminar will be opened by Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner. Other speakers include for example Chief Robotics Visioner Albert Efimov, Head of Skolkovo and Adjunct Professor Harri Ketamo, Founder of HeadAI.

On display will be all kinds of intelligent robots ranging from industry to retail and from logistics to healthcare. There is also an area dedicated for drones which will show how we continue pushing the limits of AI further and further.